We provide permanent residential care for elderly people who need help to live independently. Most of our residents enjoy the social life and activities here, maintain good contact with their families, and are happy here.

Services we provide

  • Care for Elderly
  • Care for Adults with mental health needs
  • Dementia Care
  • Respite Care
  • Personal care
  • Palliative Care
  • Meals delivered to homes in and around Welney
  • Companionships at your home for elderly people

On top of permanent care, we also provide short-term respite care, for example where a family member who provides care needs a break or a holiday and also for convalescence or recuperation after a stay in hospital.

Visitors to the home and to residents are welcome at all reasonable times, provided that the resident wishes to see them.


Activities and community

An important feature of our home is regular activities we organise for residents.

Activities in the home include but not limited to bingo, carpet bowls, drawing and model making, music with exercises and many others. Outside activities include short escorted walks to the local shop, the pub or the river bank, visits to see various tourist attractions such as cathedrals, Cinema and shopping tours.

Entertainment is regularly staged in the home by outsourced visiting entertainers which are very popular among residents. Residents are also encouraged to pursue their own interests as far as possible. We provide state of the art home cinema system in the lounge and the library provides good variety of books at Delph House.

Residents are encouraged to maintain links with friends, relatives and the community by going out on visits and trips. We encourage friends and relatives to take residents out with them or to their homes.

Staff organise personalized birthday celebrations for the residents. Families and relatives of residents are encouraged to join them at all times. We also organise seasonal celebrations such as Christmas and Halloween parties which both the residents and their families enjoy a lot. Well organised cinema events, dramas and theater are some of the other favorite events of our residents. They also enjoy engaging with nature related activities such as bird watching, visiting wild life trust and various other locations.

Delph House operates on an equal opportunity policy hence capable of providing both male and female carers to suit their needs. We continuously check their preferences and strive to meet their personal requirements.

We may display some of the carefully and responsibly selected photographs in our own sites and social media. All resident and staff are informed to let the management know if they opt out not to display their photographs.


Services details

Delph House provides 24-hour care and support to our residents. This includes:

  • Helping residents to get up in the morning
  • Helping residents to bed
  • Helping residents with personal hygiene
  • Providing all meals, snacks and drinks required
  • Assisting residents with eating and drinking
  • Washing and ironing residents’ own clothes
  • Assisting residents to dress and undress
  • Assistance with residents’ mobility
  • Assistance for residents who have Dementia
  • Care of the dying and bereavement
  • Management of continence
  • Promoting and assisting with interests and activities
  • Enabling residents to follow their own religions or beliefs

Who are our residents?

We provide short-term or long-term personal, social and health care for service users who are unable adequately to care for themselves. The following are the main criteria, but an assessment is made of any potential resident before admission: Service user is over 65 years old.

Consultation with service users

Residents can and do put forward their views at any time. Residents are consulted informally often about the menu, the personal care they receive and activities they may wish to follow. There is annual formal consultation using a Residents’ and Relatives’ satisfaction survey questionnaire.

Fire precautions

The home is fully equipped with all the required fire safety equipment. Both equipment and systems are rigorously checked every six months by highly trained professionals and annually by the fire officers of Norfolk Fire Services.

Religious services

All residents are encouraged to attend religious services if they wish to, at the local places of worship or friends or relatives may collect residents for services. The home will ensure that residents are ready to leave when they are collected. Transport will be arranged upon request.